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CBD and cannabis tea are the best way to get refreshed on a hot day. The tea provides effects that comes slow and lasts for a longer time. The drink offers a lot of benefits from improving sleep to mood, so many people throughout the world are adopting it. It not only incorporates refreshing flavors, but also has amazing healing benefits.

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CBD tea and its benefits

CBD tea is prepared by brewing leaves and flowers of hemp plant, then steeped same as tea leaves. You can make CBD tea of different flavors at home by adding CBD to your favorite tea. Cannabinoid helps mind in achieving relaxed and easy state. CBD binds serotonin receptors and increases the quantity of anandamide, bliss molecule in synapses.

CBD tea offers fun experience with potent effects as it contains terpenes, which produce cerebral and euphoric effects. Also, it produces Indica terpenes that promote relaxation. The THC in cannabis plant not only offer soothing effect, but also helps in raising mood, support sleep and boost appetite.

The following are few cannabis tea recipes that help in you making a tasty refreshing drink with CBD at home.

Cannabis tea recipes

Recipe 1: Ingredients – 1 gm grounded cannabis, 1 teaspoon coconut oil or coffee creamer, 1-liter boiling water, tea ball or infuser and saucepan

  • Boil 1 liter water, grind buds and keep the mixture in the infuser, then place it into water and adjust heat.
  • Let it for at least 20 minutes until THCA changes to THC through decarboxylation. Then, remove infuser and transfer the brew to a storage container.
  • You can enjoy the tea at any time by heating the liquid and adding it to the creamer or coconut oil.

Recipe 2: Ingredients – 2gms CBD flowers, 2 cups water, 1 table spoon vegetable glycerin, 1 cup mint leaves and agave nectar.

  • Mix agave nectar and water in a saucepan. Press mint leaves and add to it. Stir the mixture until the nectar dissolves.
  • Reduce the heat, add decarboxylated cannabis and let it for at least 50 minutes. Now, add vegetable glycerin and stir over 10 minutes.
  • Then, remove from heat and let it cool. Pour the syrup into a jar and store it in your refrigerator.

Recipe 3: Ingredients – 1 teabag, almond milk, hot water, honey or sugar and cannabis oil

  • Boil water in a teapot or kettle.
  • Pour water in a mug, dip teabag and allow it for brewing. Take out teabag and pour almond milk.
  • Now, add sugar or honey and cannabis oil.
  • Stir the mixture and drink the tea

You can try a lot of tasty cannabis tea recipes with grounded buds or cannabis oil at your home easily. You can even store the syrup or buds in your refrigerator and use them for few days.

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