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No doubt, certain things might seem simple yet bear a whole stack of complexity. This type of stuff needs a clear solution beforehand. Otherwise, this will end up getting nothing but loss. Applying for might seem easy, yet if you don’t do it through the professional guide, you will face the consequences. After all, it’s a matter of huge bucks. When it comes to medical device patenting, it is a little trickier. You would need its detail and everything should be very authentic. This is the reason why you must not leap directly into this but try to stay patient and consult some agency like Levin consulting group. They are specialized in medical device patenting. Below are some steps to help you go through the medical device patenting process

  • Step number 1: Decide if You Need a medical device patent

​Medical device patents are typically offered for tangible items. For instance, if your medical device is new, you probably require a patent.

  • Step number 2: Plan if you can file a patent actually

​Many inventors try to make their search for the former patents and publications before applying for a patent.  To appear new, year invention should not be discussed with anyone neither published anywhere.

  • Step number 3: Choose the form of patent you require

​There are three forms of patents available for submission namely:

  1. utility patents
  2. design patents
  3. plant patents

It is very important to realize what is the actual patent type that you are looking for something you are working with.

  • Step number 4: Be prepared to apply

​Preparation of application includes the following:

  1. the proper procedures
  2. paying the required fees
  3. submitting a complete application
  • Step number 5: Submission of the application

​The submission of an application can be a bit complexing. In short, a written document of details and descriptions, drawings, an oath, and filing, search and examination fees are what you need at the time of medical device patenting.

  • Step number 6: Work and plan with the examiner

​Once you submit the patent application, it will be sent to an examiner who will process with you to find out if your application fulfills the needs of U.S. patent approval consideration.

  • Step number 7: Get your approval

​You are not receiving a pass away signal without paying further fees, but if your examiner offers you a stamp of approval, you will get a Notice of Allowance.

  • Step number 8: Maintain the protection of your patent

​ Maintenance fees are needed to protect your patent. Therefore, don’t forget to pay otherwise your patent will expire.

Closing note

Medical device patenting is something complex if you do not follow the right steps. For sure, these steps will help you attain your patent very soon.