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This is the question you never think about before entering a locksmith hardware shop. The terms commonly used by people to describe their lock needs are ‘’regular’’ and ‘’standard’’, but you will not find these terms label on the locks you buy. There is nothing so exclusive to learn and read about the lock systems before buying. You only require some basic terminologies and industry knowledge to be an informed or well aware consumer.

TORONTO TOP LOCKSMITH is the best and most affordable locksmith Toronto. With 24/7 Locksmith service, they are always ready to deal with all kinds of locksmith emergencies. Here is a lockset list arranged by locksmith Toronto to give you a better understanding of various kinds of locksets. There are many other functions and features regarding locksets, but these are few of very common:

Classroom Lockset Function:

The locks used in a classroom are called Classroom lockset function. These locks have no buttons on the inside. These locks do have the ability to remain unlock only with the key. By using the correct key, and a full turn can lock or unlock the lever or knob. It is an old kind of great lock that is perfect for the people who don’t want to leave a door open.

Entry Lockset Function:

These are the most common type of lockset that is probably in use of many people on their offices and homes on front, and back doors. These locks have a small button on the inside of the lever or knob. These locks manual lock the door when you want. By pushing the button in or out and turning the button these locks can be opened or locked even the key is inserted.

Passenger Lockset Functions:

These locksets are hardly “real” locks at all! These knobs or levers do not lock the door, but just keep it latched to the frame. These locks are commonly used in closets or doors that just don’t need to be locked in general. You can also use these locks in the children bedrooms, so they can close the door, but cannot lock it.

Privacy Lockset Functions:

These locksets are primarily used in bathrooms and bedrooms. With the small hole on the outside, these locks are easy to open with a paperclip or pen simply by pushing it in. These were intended for the privacy and they are not used as main locking devices. Privacy locksets are means to keep anyone from walking in while you use a bathroom or bedroom.

Storeroom Lockset Function:

These are proper locks that always need a key to open or close. With no buttons inside or outside these locks ever leave an option to leave the door unopened. These locks are commercially used to keep things safe and secure.

Hopefully, this guide by TORONTO TOP LOCKSMITH is surely going to help you in purchasing your next locksets.