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In today’s hectic era, it’s common to experience eye pressure, which results in ocular hypertension. Those who are new to this term, hypertension is the pressure which is present in human eyes.

Ocular hypertension is the problem when you experience excessive pressure in your eyes that creates pain. The pressure in human eyes is measured in millimeter of mercury where the normal eye pressure is about 10 to 21 mmHg. When the pressure exceeds 21mm Hg, the problem of ocular hypertension develops.

Today, you have medications to treat this problem and regulate fluid production in your eyes. Canada Drugs online stores provide you all the over-the-counter as well as prescription based mediations right at your doorstep. However, you should consult your doctor to know the right dosage of medication.

So what are the causes of ocular hypertension in human eyes?

Before taking drugs for this problem, you should know the common reasons for ocular hypertension. Below are the reasons.

Excessive Aqueous Humor Growth: The aqueous is the fluid which is produced by the ciliary body. This fluid is the sole reason why your eyes become watery in case of dust or dirt. When the ciliary gland produces fluid in abundance, the excessive aqueous causes pressure on your iris.

Minimal Aqueous Production: The reverse case for the situation mentioned above is also one more reason behind the same problem. The case when aqueous produce less fluid in your eyes, it causes dryness in eyes, which is also another cause behind ocular hypertension.

Medication Side Effect: Some medicines/drugs that treat other health issues, cause side effects in some cases. Such medicines either don’t suit your body or they are consumed in the wrong way, getting side effects in the form of ocular hypertension. Thus, you should always follow the prescription given by your doctor to keep your eyes healthy and active. The steroid drugs are some of the primary reason that causes side effects to your eyes.

Eye Injury: Any eye injury also causes irregularity in the production of fluid by aqueous that results in ocular hypertension. In some cases, the problem originates days after the injury, which doesn’t seem to be related; however, they are interlinked.

Other Eye Diseases: Ocular hypertension is one such problem which grows with the presence of other eye diseases. Eye problems, including corneal arcus, pseudoexfoliation syndrome, and pigment dispersion syndrome are some common eye problems that increase the probability of ocular hypertension. Other common causes of these diseases are your age, physical challenges, or any hereditary disease which affects your current eye health.

Remedies to Hypertension: Currently, there are a few eyes drops developed to treat the problem of ocular hypertension. These eye drops should be used as per doctor’s prescription to avoid any side effect.

So, this is all about ocular hypertension, which you should know. Keeping your eyes healthy and fit will help you throughout your life, so, make sure you take all precautions and care your eyes well.