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A must requirement for every commercial setup is it’s properly operational Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) system. However, keeping in view the commercial space, HVAC system needs to be in placed. This is important because not all buildings are alike and same goes for their HVAC system needs. To design a customized HVAC system, proper requirement mapping and need identification are the prerequisites. Once that gets done followed by system installation, there arises the need for keeping a track of what’s going on with the system i.e., system maintenance. According to HVAC system specialists, regular maintenance must be ensured regularly to avoid spending on HVAC Repair. Yet this ‘regular’ is case dependent and therefore, is unique and different for every commercial space.

To know exactly when the maintenance for your commercial setup’s HAVC system is really needed, read aloud and remember below given answers to four key questions:

  1. How Old is the HVAC System – Age is Not Just a Number?

It’s professionally recommended to get your system checked for maintenance at least twice yearly regardless of it being old or new. However, here age is really crucial. If your building’s HVAC system is quite old, you might need to undergo maintenance services with short intervals to keep the system operational, up and running.

  1. How Much is the Demand – Cooling and Heating System?

Apart from building features and installed HVAC system’s age, there are other contributing factors (working hours and staff strength getting benefitted from the HVAC system, outdoor temperature fluctuations and insulation material etc) that require periodic maintenance at least twice yearly.

  1. How to Maintain – HAVC Equipment Type?

Your HVAC system’s maintenance frequency depends on it’s type. Out of four HVAC system types i.e., split systems, hybrid split systems, duct-free systems, and packaged systems, the ones with greater exposure to outer elements need more frequent maintenance services to avoid HVAC repair or replacement.

  1. How Many Times to Maintain – Terms of Building Lease?

Lastly, be cautious concerning the maintenance services frequency as explicitly being written in your building lease contract. From quarter to annual, maintenance services frequency may vary and you, being the tenant, are duty bound to ensure the same.