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The casino is a gaming venue that provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy entertainment, good food, and even sleep in resort-style accommodations. But what if you’re not looking for all of that? What if you just want to gamble?

A small roadside casino might be your answer. These casinos are Smokey, they have few slot machines, and there may not even be a place to eat at. The best thing about these casinos is that, despite their simple looks, some have the potential to offer slots that have great bonus features.

So, as a gamer, having so many options, what should you consider as a good bonus features? Read on to find out!

Simple, Yet Profitable Bonus Games

A basic bonus game that pays out a reasonable prize can pay off in the end. VGT slots are known for their “Red Screen” bonus, which allows players to watch their winnings pile up on the machine.

If the bonus rounds appear frequently and pay well, they can make an otherwise dull game profitable to play.

Automated Spin Bonus Feature

With this one, the player’s only option is to sit back and watch as the game spins the reels and award wins.

At the very least, that is a common theory. I’ve gotten two different types of bonus games that play automatically. The most effective ones do precisely what is expected. Each time they spin the reels, they win a prize.

The worst of the auto-play bonus games simply add some extra random spins, and chances of getting a prize are 50/50.

It’s so much fun when you watch your credits build up as they keep on spinning. However, it is not any fun to watch the spins happen with no positive result.

Go For “Pick Game Bonus Features” That Make Things Interesting

I have lost count of the number of pick bonus games I’ve played. I’ve gone treasure hunting, chasing groundhogs, rubbing genie lamps, tossing lemmings off cliffs, and fishing for rewards. I’ve also handpicked a multitude of boxes and balls, all randomly!

The mystery of this feature is what makes it fun since you cannot know firsthand what prize you will get, or whether there is a prize at all.

Interactive Bonus Features

Mr Vegas is an online slot game that allows players to play casino games within the game. The standard game involves spinning the reels as in any other slot machine.

If one of the bonus features is activated, the player has the option of playing virtual roulette, pulling a lever on a slot machine, or throwing dice.

From my experience with these types of bonuses, there is not much skill required as much of the activity involves making random choices.

Skill-Based Bonus Games

For years, I’ve heard a lot of stories about slot machines, and the argument is that they aren’t really interactive. How many times have you pressed the “Stop” button in the hopes of catching a bonus game?

Since the outcome is already predetermined, the game very often spins past the three trigger icons. The “Stop” button simply ends the spinning of the reels, and nothing more!

A statistician claims that it is preferable to keep the reels spinning. If the player waits, the random number generator (rng) will cycle through several additional numbers.

If luck seems far away from you, why not wait several minutes between spins?

The “Choose a Style” Bonus Game

When the bonus round gets underway, the player is asked to pick sides. It could be a good/bad character or interesting things like a dancer in a dance-off.

Following that process, the bonus game gets into action, giving a unique feeling.

Another game that suits this category asks the player to choose how the bonus feature will perform out on a screen. This reminds me of a prize-o-meter. You have the option of receiving larger pay-outs (which happen less frequently) or smaller, more frequent pay-outs.


Before you rush to enjoy a bonus game feature, take your time to learn whether it is of any help to you, or is solely meant to trick you.

There are horrible bonus features out there. The “double or nothing” prize may appear attractive, but the odds of winning are grossly inadequate. These games have been described as profit minting sections for the casino. In a bonus game, you should never take a risk with winnings from a paid spin.

The best bonus games often make your experience more enjoyable by providing you not only fun but some profits as well. Great place to start is to head over to Deluxe Casino Bonus. They categorize all available bonuses so that it’s easy to understand and since it’s all up to date, you can be sure that you won’t ever miss great opportunities again!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article and wish you all the best in your gambling endeavours!