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Juggling your work, social, and family life can be a difficult thing to do. Especially if one of those three is demanding tasks which would almost need your time 24/7. By just imagining ourselves juggling these overwhelming tasks at hand, there is by no means that you can properly clean up your abode which makes it more frustrating for you since clutter would be probably everywhere.

But what if there’s a service that would solve up your housekeeping problem? just like how pizza guys satisfy our hungry tummies without exerting an effort to go outside our home, maid services deliver almost the same amount of gratification as we can have a clean house without lifting a finger.

But before picking up your phone to dial a maid service company, you should know these considerations so that you won’t find yourself in shock and in distress if there were to happen any incidents


Unfortunate incidents happen unexpectedly and unintentionally which results in injury or damage. Which is why you need to be prepared if something goes wrong within the premises of your home.

Should a maid, unfortunately, slip and fall while cleaning your house, there should be an insurance policy which was both agreed by parties that the maid service company must have the liability and employee accident coverage which includes your home too.


If you do not know what bonding is, it is just basically a type of insurance wherein it ensures the safety and security of your belongings while the company that you have hired is working inside your property.

Should a theft occur, you need to know that your house is protected? Is the maid service bonded for its housekeeping clientele? You need to know this so that you would know the risk that you are facing since many maid companies are not bonded at all and some only bonds their own company to protect themselves.


Ask information about the maid service company that you are eyeing out. Questions like how many years has the company run its business? Are their services good? Other references about their work history will make you feel at ease and know how good of a service they have been providing so far.

Here are some key questions that you should ask when inquiring references of the maid service company:

  • Have you had any complaints or issues? How did the maid service company handle this?
  • Have you used the maid service for a long time? If so, what should I look out for?

Questions like these will help you sort out if you will go for a maid service company or not which is why it is important to gather information from the clients that have already experienced the said company’s services. By doing this, you are making sure that the maid service is reliable and is good at doing its job.

Employee Screening

Of course, you would not want to have an unreliable and suspicious person around your house, right? especially if you are not there to supervise. Which is why you should know a thing or two about how the maid service employs their employees.

Do they check employee reference? Did they have a background check? Does the maid service company have their own employees or are they using subcontractors? You should know these types of information just in case something happens. Be wary about maid services which use subcontractors, since they usually do not provide staff training and liability insurance.


Even though it is not your job to make sure that they have good equipment to clean your house with, it is still within the range of your concern that they definitely do have the right and good equipment to use in cleaning your home since inferior cleaning equipment does not get your home clean as how it should be.

Effectiveness and efficiency of the filtration system are important, because who would want to go through a half-cleaned house?

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance should be one of your top priority. Who wouldn’t want to get the best of what they pay for, right? and it may be unfortunate and unprofessional but there are many maid services who do a half-hearted job and would only take action if they get some complaints.

In terms of quality assurance, always make sure to have a reliable maid service. You could look it up on the internet and look for some maid service companies like the Minty Maids which should be able to provide the quality assurance procedures in order to meet your quality standards.


For some, relying on maid service companies takes a lot of baggage off of their hands especially if they are always busy due to the demands of their work or family, which is why you should go look for a cleaning company that would actually take off that baggage and not the other way around.