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It’s not a surprise that eLearning is turning really widespread and demanded these days, and such popularity shall be like a call to action for far-sighted entrepreneurs since wisely developed online learning projects could become a reasonable financial investment.

So, let’s find out more about how to design an effective e-learning resource, and here’s what we shall start with.

What would be ideal eLearning software?

In order to create a competitive online service, one shall ensure the following:

  • application of recognized education practices;
  • providing comprehensive functionality to enhance the quality of the learning process;
  • great stability of the platform operation;
  • easiness of application (user-friendliness);
  • the most optimum price/time ratio while making the learning solution;
  • multimedia;
  • ability to scale.

Stages to design a decent e-learning resource:

  1. Analyzing the given market segment. At this point, it’s vital to figure out the needs of the online learning niche, determine your final demographics, as well as carefully explore the existing frameworks since those are your future competitors.
  2. Implementing the required features. The next step is to decide what specific parameters your eLearning program shall offer. When you build a website or a mobile app for education, it’s critical to define what functionality will turn your audience into loyal users.
  3. Designing the interface. The software has to look attractive. In case it looks average, people won’t want to give it a try. Carefully think through the color of your service making sure the chosen scheme calls the desired associations. Moreover, it’s crucial to keep UX/UI clear and user-friendly.
  4. Developing the platform. That’s the most appropriate moment to work on the development of your e-learning solution. In fact, it’s considered to be the most long-term and labor-intensive stage.
  5. Carrying out all necessary tests. As soon as the system is being made, it’s about time to test it to see if everything functions as expected, or there are certain errors and bugs that must get fixed.
  6. Launching the program. When your brainchild is created and tested, it’s ready to be published on app stores.

Points that must be taken into account while building an online learning resource

In order to make efficient eLearning software, it has to be highly competitive. The below-mentioned aspects are to help with achieving the desired:

  • Specialty. It’ll make more sense to design a one-purpose service that would target a particular group of people. For instance, you might decide to build a platform for foreigners to improve their legal literacy, or whatsoever. Did you know that Google and Amazon resorted to such an approach when they just started their way? The market analysis you carry out during the development process shall guide you on what specialization to choose.
  • Gamification. Online learning might sound like something boring, thus, let’s break those stereotypes, and add some fun into the process of exploring new stuff. Take a look at Duolingo’s example to figure out how to transform education into a fun game.
  • AR & VR. That’s another tool to keep it all fun and exciting. Virtual and augmented realities help with showing some imagination. Such means serve to illustrate certain concepts and processes. In fact, the whole learning is becoming a real adventure.
  • AI. Artificial intelligence and machine learning instruments are pretty irreplaceable when it comes to developing an eLearning solution. These tools are to examine the behavior of your audience to deliver them the most customized content. It might be pretty smart to take advantage of AI.
  • Ongoing support. Users might decide to study any time during the day (or even at night), meaning, in case they face any issues on the way, 24/7 support will be able to help them overcome all the obstacles.

E-learning programs offer multiple benefits for both users and their owners, thus, visionary businessmen are already working on their brainchildren. Nevertheless, there’s still room for another great online learning framework of your own.