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If you plan to start your setup, we have an amazing idea to promote your brand to the fullest. It has been commonly observed that many people have great ideas and plans to start their new setup but are afraid of whether their plan will work out. But with iPrintFactory.ca, you will see how things work out for you, making all the difficult processes quite easier for you.

We understand your fears and the hindrances that are stopping you from exploring the hidden getaways of success. But now is the time to say bye to all your fears as we assure you that these tips and tricks can work wonders for you. Giving you the audience and exposure to the people in your neighborhood makes it easier for you to run your business to the fullest.

How to make yourself prominent?

We all know how promotional strategies work, but no matter much money and time you spend on these internet promotions. One thing that has left all this behind is the printed media for your branding purpose. Either you are planning to open your brand of clothes or other stuff, services, or any other startup, what goes perfectly right with it is custom hang tags and bulk yard signs that give the complete picture of your brand and details of your company.

Why custom hang tags are in demand?

Hangtags are the simple labels attached with your product, shopping bags, or packaging, giving clear information about your brand identity and giving much higher volume to it. You can also consider it as a short description of it and make your brand different from others.

Another thing that has been seen is that many other brands still don’t know the importance of these custom hang tags, and it these make a valuable difference in your promotions.

One thing about these is these hangtags are not like the usual ones; instead, these are thicker and stronger, unlike other labels. Since every brand uses its particular hang tags, so the customization makes it a custom hangtag.

Major factors

To give our readers a better understanding of the importance of why you should add these hang tags as a part of your brand promotion, we are outlining some points below.

  • Voice of your brand

Undoubtedly, custom hang tags work as a voice of your brand and helps in telling the customer about the idea of your brand and what you are offering to them.

  • Connects with your customers

Customized hang tags can play a huge role in telling the customers about the cool and creativity level and giving your customers the idea of how they can relate with you.

  • Increase sales

Great marketing techniques give the brands a huge scale of increased sales while mentioning your percent off on these customized hang tags.

  • Care instructions

You can also add some care instructions for your customers to the lookout.


If you are also looking for ways to promote your brand or business, custom hang tags and bulk yard signs promotional strategies can give you a wide edge over other brands. With the help of iPrintFactory.ca you can print your desired custom hang tags and give your brand a new look with them.