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Marketing denotes to the events of a corporation related to purchasing and selling a product or service. It comprises promotion, trading and transporting products to people. There are many people, who work in corporations’ marketing departments tries to seek the attention of target audiences by utilizing slogans, packing design, celebrity authorizations, and general media publicity. This is the time when you get your online MBA in Canada from JCU so don’t waste your time. Marketing is known as the activity, set of institutions, and procedures for making, collaborating, transporting, and exchanging offerings that have worth for consumers, clients, associates, and society at a larger scale. It is the organization of four elements that are known as the 4 P’s of marketing. They are the following:

  • It is the recognition, selection, and development of a product,
  • Determination of its price,
  • Selection of a delivery channel so you could reach the consumer’s place,
  • Expansion and implementation of a promotional scheme.

There are numerous types of marketing and with the passage of time, this list is expanding as new types are being introduced and in trend. Following are some main types of marketing that are being applied according to the organization’s need and requirement:

ATL Marketing

ATL or above the line marketing is the type of marketing that is utilized in mass media to market to an extensive audience. The asset of above the line marketing is possible to reach. As an example, you can think about a Super Bowl TV commercial. A 30-second advertisement at half-time can worth more than $5million.

Account-based Marketing

This type of marketing is an alternative B2B marketing plan that targets consumers who have a certain kind of account. It’s an arrangement of subdivision and when it comes to marketing then particularity is always a good thing.

Close Range Marketing

Wifi or Bluetooth are also utilized to send marketing messages of their products and services to their consumers’ smartphones and tablets at close proximity. It is also known as Proximity Marketing.

Online Marketing

As business has spread to the Internet, a new form of marketing has appeared. From online banners to those irritating pop-ups, online marketers have tried to get their consumers attention any way they can. Mostly online tactical marketing struggles today are a mix of growth hacking strategies and a range of consciousness tactics that drive attention. A very operative online marketer is the insurance corporation named Geico who asks their users to add their zip code for an instant quote on better savings.

Relationship Marketing

There are many corporations that focus on constructing relationships with their consumers instead of always exclusive trying to trade them something. There is a higher possibility that consumers who love your brand will also spend more money on it. Many customary retailers have found this to be true. Walgreens has seen that consumers who purchase from all of their purchasing channels probably buy up to six times more than the regular consumer that only buys in their store.

Transactional Marketing

Driving sales can be inspiring, particularly for traders that have to regularly sell products in high volume to consumers. For the sake of meeting with the demands of stockholders, traders have to inspire customers to purchase using coupons, discounts, liquidations, and sales events. There are high volume big-box retailers such as Target that are continually running advertising events in order to get involved customers into their stores.

Scarcity Marketing

There are some markets where it’s important to control how much product is accessible at a particular time. Mostly this is done because of the trouble of obtaining raw materials or higher quality of the product. A corporation chooses to make their products available to only a few consumers. Rolls-Royce’s proclaimed their Chinese edition car named Phantom that sold quickly. Although the cost of the car was higher than most cars the scarcity increases the desire as well as the price.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth Marketing is known as the transferring of information from person to another person by verbal communication. Consumers are very eager to share with the world the brands they love and the reason why they love them. Many customers find meaning in sharing stories of their favorite merchandises and services. This is one of the earliest ways through which people learned about what to buy. Nowadays modern marketers know how to make the authentic word of mouth for their corporations and the products they signify.

Call to Action

CTA Marketing states to approaches of adapting web traffic into leads or sales on websites utilizing text, graphics, or other fundamentals of web design. It also helps to enhance the percentage of online visitors who become consumers or who join the mailing list.

Viral Marketing

Cult Brand dealers are continuously creating new business ideas that keep their merchandises in the heart and minds of the global customer. Every time a new product is made, consumers have to be given a reason to dream about their upcoming purchase. At times marketers of Cult Brands hit on something so great that people can’t help but share with others. Getting your consumers talking about your products and services is vital when you are up for growing awareness for your business.

Diversity Marketing

It develops a customized marketing plan by examining dissimilar customer sections based on cultural dissimilarities such as tastes, opportunities, opinions, world views, and definite needs.

Undercover Marketing

It happens sometimes that not telling everyone everything can become a great source of thrill. Just think of a movie trailer that made you very excited and you are ready to go and see the movie. Though not showing all the parts of the movie, the promoter can create enough curiosity to drive viewers to want to see more.