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Hangtags with impressive printing and effective information are much more than a piece of paper listing price and size. Hangtags can be the custom apparel for a brand because:

  • They add perceived value and give certain oomph to apparel that quickly attracts customers.
  • Innovative hangtag printing draws the attention towards that specific brand in a retail setting and differentiates the apparel that helps get a brand noticed.
  • Hangtags tell so much about the product and that particular brand. Hang tags provide a business with the valuable opportunity to appeal to the emotional and rational decisions of a customer.
  • Brand logo, color or material choice, or tagline may all evoke a feeling for a customer and the highlighted features and benefits also add the validation necessary to justify their purchase.

What to include on hang tags?

When you deliver your hang tags printing order to a printing store, these are the essentials a reputable printing store must print/include on hang tags:

  • On product tags, a logo or brand name is a must as the logo is the company’s signature that shoppers can immediately recognize. These printed hang tags with logos ensure that first-time customers become return customers.
  • Another important element to have on product tags is the tagline, which succinctly summarizes the company’s meaning. To make the tagline stand out from the rest of the document, foil printing can also be used.
  • Include a brief ‘’About Us’’ that best explains a brand and product worth. Let people aware of a brand/company’s passions and how important clients are to them.
  • The hangtags must also provide a way for consumers to get more details such as a website address, social media handles, and other information.
  • Folded hang tags show the features and advantages of products, as well as any other product information that could persuade customers to purchase things of a brand. For example hang tags include information about fabric quality, wrinkle-free nature, sweat-wicking, care, washing instructions, etc. As a result, it is often preferable to print this information on the tag to show that the brand care for their customer’s comfort.
  • It is also encouraged to add ‘’Call to Action’’ on the product tag. Printing it on a hangtag in bold fonts motivate customers to join, tag, visit the blog, or check out the promotional deal of that brand. People may be enticed to shop more if they are offered a discount on their next purchase.
  • Universal Product Code, which is a 12-digit code assigned to products displayed in retail stores can be also added to hang tags. It becomes easier to manage all of the garments for sale in the retail set-up when it is printed on your hangtag. It also helps to run the billing smoothly.
  • When a brand includes a hangtag on their product, it becomes a packaged kit. As a result, a brand needs a tag template that’s both visually appealing and insightful. People are normally drawn to the illustrations or photographs printed on product tags rather than the big text printed on the tags.


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