Should You Use: "Is This a Good Time" - Yes or No?
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The talk of whether or not to open your calls asking, “Did I catch you at a good time?” or “Is this time still good for you?” (for presentation name backs), is alive and nicely – sadly.Simply final week, I obtained this e mail query from a reader:”Hi Mike, question – after I send out information to these guys and I come back to them with an idea do I ask them if they have a minute before going into my pitch?”Have you ever ever questioned the identical factor? If that’s the case, you are not alone. I’ve heard this query for the final 30+ years, and I’ve additionally heard arguments for each side. Some individuals suppose it is respectful to ask if the prospect has time, and others really feel they’re setting themselves up for a stall.So what do you have to do?I have been making calls – each prospecting calls and shutting calls – for an extended, very long time. In reality, I nonetheless make them in the present day. And in my expertise (be aware I mentioned expertise, not “theory”), the reply is evident. What you need to do is that this:By no means ask if it is a good time to pitch or qualify or have a dialog with a prospect or consumer. As a substitute, comply with this method to the letter:All the time greet your prospect: “Hi {first name}, hope your day is going well… ” (or different opening you want).After which hear rigorously not solely to what they are saying, however, extra importantly, to how they are saying it. Ask your self:”Is this person happy to hear from me?””Does this person sound rushed?””Do they sound upset that I’ve interrupted them?””Are they unhappy they picked up the phone now have to talk to me?”Or,”Do they sound relaxed?””Are they willing to engage – did they ask me how I’m doing?””Is there a smile in their voice?” (Or a frown?)In different phrases, relatively than ask for those who caught them at time, take heed to their voice and to how they reply the cellphone to see what their temper is. For those who truly hear, you possibly can all the time inform…Then, no matter what they are saying, acknowledge what you recognize to be true: they’re busy! So allow them to know you respect their time and open your name this fashion:”I’m sure you’re busy, so I’ll be brief… “After which have interaction shortly and, for those who’re prospecting or qualifying, ask them a query as quickly as doable so that you can provide them a possibility to let you know whether or not they have the time to talk to you or not.And that is the way you deal with prospecting calls.For pitches the place you’ve gotten an appointment, do not ask if that is nonetheless time for them! You have made an appointment upfront, and for those who’ve really certified them they’re anticipating your name and needs to be prepared for it.For these calls, you open this fashion:”Hi {first name}, how’s your (Tuesday, etc.) going?”[Listen here and respond accordingly.]”Good to hear. Well, {first name}, I’m excited to speak with you today and I know you’re going to love… “After which get into your pitch…And, as all the time, do not take my 30+ years of expertise for it, strive it your self! Your individual expertise will confirm what I am telling you. Blissful promoting!