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Every credit card comes with variety of rewards and benefits, hard for consumers to choose. They offer options of travel miles, perks, points, cash back rewards and sign-up bonuses for different types of people. You better know about yourself whether you love dining out, traveling, shopping or just building credit. Some people like to use multiple credit cards for different situations. One they use for purchasing groceries, second for dining in restaurants and third one for traveling and vacations.

A single card may not be enough for every family, every budget and every purchase because there are’ no one size fits’ all credit cards. We can compare and review credit cards to decide best value card offers. There are dozens of credit card promotions for consumers, looking for extra perks, cash back rebates and sign-up bonus along with extra incentives. Some credit cards are valued and demanded due to their special rewards.

While comparing rewards, points and benefits we must not forget to keep watch on interest charges, APR, foreign transaction fee, balance transfer fee, prepayment charges and late fee. Credit card comes with more perks and cash back rewards and less charges and fee are considered more favorable and best cards by consumers.

Some card companies offer cash back on all purchases with 0% APR without annual fee. Some offer points on traveling, shopping and dining while charging annual fee. One card offers rewards and perks along with annual travel credit on selected airlines, with high APR fee. Another card offers annual travel credit, rewards, welcome bonus, but with high regular APR and require excellent credit score.

There is an ideal credit card for student to help build credit, having average or limited credit score. They get cash back rewards and good grade bonus on maintaining their GPA for five years. There is no annual fee and no penalty APR required. Another student card offers rotating bonus and double cash back minus annual fee, for new credit card users.

For consumers looking for balance transfer card, no late fee, no annual fee and no penalty rate and 0% intro APR on balance transfer and purchases, with regular APR makes it good choice. It is ideal to have a credit card combining both top offers, balance transfer and cash reward without having to pay annual fee but require good to excellent credit. Another card 0% APR for 15 months on purchases and transfer balance, plus membership rewards, points on purchases in first 3 months, without any annual fee or balance transfer fee but require good credit.

One card offers bonus points on different purchases like gas, dining out, ordering in, traveling and hotel stay, car rentals, and rideshares and popular streaming services. They offer bonus points on purchasing in first 3 months. You get 0% intro APR for 12 months on balance transfer and purchases with good or excellent credit score.

Another card with low interest rate offer rewards in points on gas, grocery and other purchases and welcome bonus within first 90 days. It also offers 0% APR for first 12 months on balance transfer and purchases.

Consumers search for credit cards with low interest rates, best rewards and fewer fees and think them ideal.